Pesto Pasta With Artichoke Hearts

Pesto Pasta With Artichoke Hearts is a vegetarian meal that bursts with flavor! Fresh peppery basil and juicy lemons enhance the flavor of the artichoke hearts, giving this dish a perfect balance of simplicity and taste.

fresh made pesto over pasta with artichokes plated in a white bowl.

Easy Vegetarian Pesto Pasta

Meal planning always begins by checking out my schedule to see what I have going on and which nights will be busy for our family. When the school year picks up and more after school programs are in the works, creativity is needed in the kitchen. Simple, easy 30 minute meals are my jam. Clean up has got to be easy, too!

An easy meal was on the menu, and I was not about to complain! We had worked on our garden all weekend, tilling, weeding, planning, repeat. With this Florida heat, the summer tends to be a rough growing period unless you have a sun screen for the plants, which I do not. However, my basil is doing exceptionally well… and I was going to take full advantage of this!

Pesto is an easy sauce to whip up, and it only requires a few ingredients and a blender! Using fresh basil, squeezed lemon, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese, a splash of white wine, and some good quality olive oil, this is seriously a time saving sauce!

close up shot of pesto pasta with artichoke hearts with a fork and a white bowl

How To Make The Pesto Sauce:

  1. Gather ingredients: fresh basil, lemon, pine nuts, garlic, juiced lemon, olive oil, white wine, parmesan cheese, and salt
  2. Throw all the ingredients in the blender, and blend until smooth. Easy, right?!
Fresh Pesto sauce is easily made by combining all the ingredients in a blender and blending until smooth.

How to store pesto sauce?

  • Pesto can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a three days.
  • If you have leftovers or are making in bulk, pesto freezes well! Store in an airtight container in the freezer for 9-12 months.
  • Freeze pesto in an ice cube tray for smaller servings for salads, marinade, or anything else. After it freezes, remove the pesto cubes and toss in a ziplock or a freezer-safe container.
pesto sauce over spaghetti pasta in a white bowl

How to make Pesto Pasta with Artichoke Hearts:

  1. In a blender, combine all the ingredients for the pesto sauce, and blend until smooth.
  2. Cook pasta to al dente, according to package instructions.
  3. Drain 1 can of artichoke hearts, and toss in with pasta on the last minute of boiling time.
  4. Drain pasta and artichokes.
  5. Toss the pasta with the pesto sauce, top with a small handful of pine nuts, and mangia!
pesto sauce over fresh spaghetti pasta and canned artichoke hearts in a white bowl


  • Fresh Basil: The cornerstone of traditional pesto, basil provides a fresh and aromatic flavor. If unavailable, parsley or baby spinach can be used, but the flavor will differ.
  • Squeezed Lemon: Adds brightness and zest to dishes. If you’re out of lemons, consider using lime juice or a splash of white wine vinegar.
  • Olive Oil: A Mediterranean staple that offers a fruity note to recipes. If needed, you can substitute with canola oil for cooking or extra virgin olive oil for dressings and pesto.
  • White Wine: Provides depth and can elevate sauces. If you’d rather not use wine, a mix of chicken or vegetable broth with a touch of white wine vinegar can serve as a replacement.
  • Salt: An essential seasoning. Depending on the application, you might choose sea salt, kosher salt, or Himalayan pink salt as an alternative.
  • Garlic: Brings a distinct, pungent flavor which turns sweeter upon cooking. In a pinch, you can use garlic powder or shallots for a milder taste.
  • Pine Nuts: Typically used in pesto, these add a buttery texture. Almonds or cashews can be good substitutes, and walnuts, though slightly bitter, can be used as well.
  • Parmesan Cheese: Offers a sharp and salty flavor. If unavailable, Pecorino Romano or Grana Padano can be alternatives.
  • Pasta: Comes in various shapes and is the foundation of many dishes. If dietary needs dictate, consider gluten-free or whole wheat pasta. Zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash are low-carb alternatives.
  • Artichoke Hearts: Provide a nutty and unique taste. If searching for a substitute, marinated mushrooms or roasted Brussels sprouts might fit the bill.
Pesto Pasta with Artichoke Hearts is an easy meal using only a few simple ingredients and twenty minutes!

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pesto sauce over spaghetti pasta with a fork and twirled spaghetti.

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close up shot of pesto pasta with artichoke hearts with a fork and a white bowl

Pesto Pasta With Artichoke Hearts

Sea Salt Savorings
Pesto  Pasta With Artichoke Hearts is a vegetarian meal that bursts with flavor!  Fresh peppery basil and juicy lemons enhance the flavor of the artichoke hearts, giving this dish a perfect balance of simplicity and taste.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4


  • 1 cup White Wine Pesto (link in notes)
  • 1 LB spaghetti pasta
  • 1 14 oz can drained quartered artichoke hearts

optional toppings:

  • sliced lemon
  • pine nuts
  • parmesan cheese
  • fresh herbs like basil, oregano, or rosemary


  • Make White Wine Pesto Sauce in a blender and set to the side.
  • In a large pot, bring 4 quarts of water and 1 TBS of salt to a boil.
  • Add spaghetti pasta to the boiling water, and cook to al dente, according to package instructions.
  • Drain the pasta once it is done cooking, and place back into the pot. Toss in the white wine pesto sauce and drained artichoke quarters. Stir to combine.
  • Add desired additional toppings. Serve and mangia!


Nutrition values are estimates, for exact values consult a nutritionist.

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