I’m Sherry Brubaker, a wife to an incredibly handsome Wyoming cowboy, mother of three cute kids, and lover of creativity. Welcome to Sea Salt Savorings, a brand inspired by my deep-rooted Italian heritage and family’s recipes.

Let’s dig into who I am: my Papa, Lorenzo, immigrated to Massachusetts 1953 from a beautiful seaside town called Vieste, Italy. He was an award-winning chef, who enjoyed spreading the wholesomeness of warmth and love found in his recipes. With every fresh ingredient, his recipes nurtured not only our bodies, but our souls! When I was a child, I remember spending most of my time with him in the kitchen.  My fondest memory includes observing how he plated everyone’s food, hand-delivering it and proudly shouting “Mangia!” which is Italian for “eat!”. That was his loving demand to us all!

What does dinnertime mean to you? For me, it is a time to disconnect from daily chaos and reconnect with your cherished friends and family members. Food, before topics, essentially brings us together!

My culinary site shares easy-to-follow, delicious family recipes that are surely to inspire gatherings around the table!

My love language is feeding people.  I have always looked forward to sharing a meals.  It is not about the palatable fare, it is mostly about togetherness: the bonding experience while engaging all of our senses. Gathering around food truly taps into our primal need for nourishment and belonging.

Here’s why my site should be your source for all-things culinary! You and I have something in common: standing in the kitchen and wondering what to cook.  Meatless Monday? Didn’t we eat pasta two days ago? I swear we consume way too much chicken around here! My farm-to-table recipes were created with you in mind! I only utilize fresh, accessible ingredients. And, don’t worry! I have perfected simple dishes to impress the pickiest eaters.

We owe it to Mother Earth and ourselves to slow down, enjoy a nourishing meal, and reclaim the day! My recipes take the guesswork out of meal planning and moves your family forward with healthier, satisfying meals.  

It was nice to share my world with you! So, grab a coffee and stay a while! We have some eating to do, Mangia!